Turn on the Heat

There is a row of shrubs growing along the back fence, Forsythia, named after Scottish botanist William Forsyth (1737-1804). It is one of the first plants to blossom in early spring, once a year and only for a few weeks. The yellow flowers remind me of my mother who loved all of nature’s beauty and had a gift for artistic arrangements. When I went outside today to walk Keeba I noticed that one of the bushes was flowering again, obviously confused by climate change. It certainly has been hot this fall in Ontario, but all good things come to an end and it is cool today and was cold this morning at 3 C when I woke up, so it would be nice if the landlord turned on the heat in this building.

Three weeks ago, on October 4th, Toronto City Council approved a motion to consult on amending the bylaw governing heating in apartments. According to the news reports, currently landlords are required to maintain the heat at no lower than 21 C and must do so by September 15th,, but this year with the unseasonable weather hovering higher than that for days, when the central conditioners were turned off tenants across the city found themselves roasting in their apartments and condominiums which prompted complaints and concerns. Continue reading “Turn on the Heat”