Yesterday, I thought of Delores who lives on the 18th floor and decided to wrap her a Christmas present because I was sure she had not received a one!

I re-used some Grinch  paper from a frantic hour of opening; the environment as it is, I can’t bare to trash it all and intend to encourage my granddaughter to use it in some sort of creative way next time she visits. The re-gifts to my friend, who lives alone in Toronto Housing as do I and is a decade older and always telling me how cold she feels in her apartment, consisted of a pair of warm woman’s socks purchased at The Dollar Store, and a fleece throw some nice guy gave Streetgirl on Boxing Day (also re-gifting), and, finally, a long  grey open style sweater passed to me by my hostess Peggy as she unloaded her crammed closet on Christmas day upon Cathy and I. Meantime, Keeba played like a pup with her new found friend Murphy who was three and happy as could be to have a guest; Sara the Sheppard chilled on the couch and we all eagerly awaited host Brian’s delicious holiday dinner.

Back to my neighbor Delores! When I knocked upon her door last night, bearing gifts, my goodness wasn’t she just thrilled to the point of tears. The sweater fit perfect and the soft white shawl wrapped around black shoulders brought out an angelic smile and warmed her heart. We hugged and kissed over and over and she cried with happiness someone had thought of her. I left feeling blessed for the moment! That is the true joy of giving!

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  1. Hi Juanita & Keeba I feel bleed to have you & Cathy come for Christmas day & dinner. I really missed you & Cathy & us together
    I had a sweeter to give to some one and for you to re gift to some one who needed more then yourself was very unselfish . Thank you it makes me feel good inside
    Please wish Delores a Happy New Year she may not remember me for it been years since I traveled about.. Juanita that the way You Me & Cathy had been we shared may it be cloths, food, some cigarettes our time for visits, if we had we gave.
    Brian say Than you for the complements and that you enjoyed the shared of a meal at Christmas with us. I have to say he is a good cook and caregiver for myself.
    I wish you all a very safe & Happy New Year from our home to all of yours .
    Big Hugs my friend hope to see you again.


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