Should have taken my time!

“This one goes out to the one I love…to the one(s) I left behind,” R.E.M.

Been having a problem with my left knee for the past couple weeks, shouldn’t be running at all as it gave out on me twice already, once while racing to catch the bus at a busy intersection and I was lucky I caught myself before falling. Wasn’t so fortunate today!  I took the bus, which I don’t often do on the short route home but I’d walked enough and  was talking to a woman who lives in my building. Tired and chilly for some reason lately, I almost skipped the light on the red across to get home that split second faster, had she not reached out to caution me. Then on the green I sprinted and my knee collapsed. I crashed face forward onto the concrete road right in front of a car, my change flew everywhere.  It took me at least 30 seconds to get back up it was such a shock and hurt so bad. Both knees and hands are bleeding and my hip is twisted. Continue reading “Should have taken my time!”

Up or Down?

Years back Streetgirl found a horse-shoe on one of her walkabouts, can’t quite remember which spot, somewhere between here and there. It laid about for awhile and then I decided to hang it by the door. Inside of course. Before doing so, I googled which way was the right way, but found there wasn’t one. Continue reading “Up or Down?”

TCHC: Quote of week

“Oh well! I was at home sleeping in my bed,” said the TCHC Special Constable who has been assigned part-time to monitor and protect our building, tenants and property, due to a recent upsurge in gun and gang activity city-wide which has prompted media coverage, political posturing, and a demand for solutions to the problem which appears to be radiating from community housing corridors.

Within our building and the surrounding neighborhood the authorities do have to deal with a high level of crime;  assaults, thefts, property damage and false fire alarms (several per week and recently 3 in one day, 1 at 3 a.m which rang on for 15 minutes and occupied 4 fire trucks and crews until it was deemed malicious, ending with a verbal request over the speakers for anyone with info to call police). We are all sick of that one, wasted resources, interrupted sleeps, pathetic cries for attention that scare the shit out of my dog, but wondering why with all the new security cameras the culprits are never apprehended and charged. Continue reading “TCHC: Quote of week”