New Year’s Wish

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and the long awaited holidays will be over, another year passed and 2018 to begin. It is my wish that our society step back a bit and people put down the cell-phones for a few hours a day, stop spending precious seconds taking selfies when a good photo is not always one where we all have the perfect smile; but a great picture has a setting and tells a story too, a laugh to be shared, a memory to hold onto. Continue reading “New Year’s Wish”

Excerpt from ‘Homeless Not Hopeless’

Late August 2009

Blustery weather brought her to mind the most and when the heavy downpour and a crash of thunder jolts him awake, followed by a bolt of lightning that brightens the night-sky and plays havoc with his poor eyes, he is immediately aware of her presence on Earth.  He claims to be a descendant of the Sun and the Moon, darkness and light consume him; declares himself a deity, grand and immortal like a Roman God. She is alive and travels with the winds, at times soft and breezy, a soothing gentle caress. As the storm increases in intensity, gusts of cold air twisting and encircling, sharp drops stinging his skin, he trembles in the fetal position of post-slumber. A fierce blast rattles the limbs of the trees that are his shelter, snapping branches, showering leaves, warning of her impending approach. He imagines he can feel the woman’s wrath in its wail. Continue reading “Excerpt from ‘Homeless Not Hopeless’”