A Dog’s Eye View – Take the Long Way Home!

take the long way home“Cause you’re the joke of the neighborhood…Why should you care if you’re feeling good…Take the long way home,”  SUPERTRAMP. (1ST concert Mother went to in the summer of 1979, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa.)

I feel sort of sorry for some People.


So does Mom and we try to help out with assistance and kind gestures. Stuff like going to the store and running errands for those who can’t because they are disabled or weak, sharing what we have to eat even when our pantry is low down too, encouraging and empathizing with the distressed and lonely.  In general, she tries to be a nice Neighbor. Might not seem so, but such deeds and positive actions are heavy burdens for the Good to bear. Like so many of U People, my Mother is a sole provider and is responsible for taking care of her own needs and must be careful to avoid forming 1-way dependency relationships, cause quite frankly she has her “OWN SHIT TO DO”!

Staying on track is not as easy as wavering off in endless directions and there are so many distractions and enticing temptations abound. I should know. I’m a Dog; don’t u know? We Canines can’t resist a detour now and then, (even the well trained who walk the straight and narrow on a daily basis). As for me, I’ve always been the type to pull and tug 1 way then the other sniffing and a pissing as I walk on by. Drives Mamma nuts! Always has. And if you dare to release me from the lease I’ll take a dash in a flash; even now at a grand 98 human years (according to the 7×1 rule), and slow as old Poky. All I want is to take the long home!

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