Quotes from Streets: It is what it is!

“I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam,” Popeye the Sailor Man.popeye

“Do you want a job?” the middle aged man inquires while idling his pickup with a younger co-worker smiling and digging his pocket for change in the passenger seat. Not the first time someone has asked her this, before departing on the green light without a solid lead.

“What kind of job?” the panhandler replies, curious as always. Continue reading “Quotes from Streets: It is what it is!”

A Dog’s Eye View – Dog’s on Duty

Apparently the dramatic take-down in our neighborhood began over an hour ago, but we only got a view of the tail end (no witnesses here). Snapped a quick picture before retreating into the safety of home. It’s pretty much over now and the canine cops are back in the back of the handler’s car. I hear them, barking like mad, still on duty and raring to move on to the next call.   And, once again, despite provocation, Toronto’s finest failed to fire a shot! They did yell a lot, smash the windows of a civilian’s vehicle, sprayed a bit of pepper into it;necessary in order to get that suspect to come out and stop trying to drive away. Wrapping up the incident now.  All in a day’s work.