Quotes from Streets: Weed Day!

On the first light almost as an afterthought a handsome and much younger man handed Streetgirl a small plastic bag stuffed with weed.


“Oh,” she squealed, “thanks so much.” He smiled brightly as if surprised by her genuine gratitude.

A few lights later another man rolled down his window and passed her a huge pre-rolled marijuana joint as the  passenger reached across to contribute a box of sushi, tempura shrimp included :). When Streets remarked that someone had just given her a bag of pot the woman responded “Weed Day!” with a chuckle.

(Mind you, this is not a common occurrence, but cool for Streetgirl who suffers anxiety, easily treated with a puff or two, yet can’t afford to go pot shopping and only eats sushi at the end of the month when splurging with an order out from the Japanese restaurant three blocks down, great food, reasonable prices.)

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