Pot Shop’s open in T.O.

I want to say hooray, but after watching CTV News on Sunday, I was surprised to hear a woman praise the prices.


She’d waited in line for hours to enter Toronto’s first open and legal cannabis dispensary downtown, a large classy looking establishment with fifty employees on the floor servicing excited customers, and willingly forked over $360 for an ounce of ‘White Widow’. (Or it might be called White Witch?) Either way it is a pretty good marijuana for sure. I know someone who purchased a half pound of that same product from a wholesaler at a price that amounted to $120 per ounce and in turn gave it to friends for $180 dollars; a mere $6.4 dollars a gram and  I wouldn’t pay retail a penny more than ten bucks for it. Sounds like a significant markup to me. I may be alone is this, but it makes me long for the days last summer when the small stores operated illegally just down the street from me, with a handful of friendly staff (sometimes stoned on their own product) selling pot at reasonable prices without all the costly glamour and glitz.

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