A Dog’s Eye View – Raptors Reflection!

raptor reflection

The reflective photography was practiced under the pretense of taking a picture of Buddy’s new second hand mint condition truck. In reality, while heading up his driveway to drop my poop bag into the green bin, Mother caught a glimpse of her own visage in the window and couldn’t resist a selfie. That’s why we spy 3 images of her and only 1 of the vehicle. Mom thinks it turned out cool and that she looks like a Hoodlum or a Hollywood Paparazzi straddling with a beautiful beach in the background! U can’t see it clearly, but she is wearing a 2016 Drake Night Raptors jersey.


During the 2019 NBA Playoffs, Streetgirl donned the same tee-shirt for 8 full days in the hopes that it would bring her luck. However, regardless of city wide fervor, she made less coin than normal from the drivers in the cars at the curb. Jeff joked that it was due to the curse carried by Super Star Drake since his name is clearly written upon the back of it. Someone else suggested the large sketch of prayer hands prominently displayed on the front of the shirt is a turn off to some. However, Streets has never found religion to be a factor when panhandling and u know her sign says ‘GOD BLESS” at the bottom and there are a whole lot of believers out there. I think its cause everybody was spending much money on game tickets and championship memorable merchandise such as hats, flags, and clothing in support of the team. Nothing but nickles and dimes left. Still, every penny helps! After the Toronto Raptors won and Canada celebrated in frenzy, Mom swiped the shirt off Streetgirl’s back, in the wash it went, and now u glimpse it upon her in this photo. Hence the title, ‘Raptors Reflection.”

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