A Dog’s Eye View – Time does Heel!

Slow down People

By the way, of course I realize that I spelled heal incorrectly in the title of this tail. The moral of the following story is to pay attention to your instincts and slow down People!


Mom made 6 cheese biscuits and was going to post a picture of 1 on Facebook just for the heck of it, but gave 2 to a neighbor, 1 to another, then we ate the rest so that’s that! The fact that she is capable of baking is a bit of a miracle cause she had a wicked tumble 3 weeks ago exactly and fractured her elbow, the radial neck to be precise, and hasn’t been able to cook, cut, or mix much in the kitchen since.


Heeling now, but she was in a lot of pain and it still hurts to type. Boy was she darn grumpy too! A bit of a Bitch to be sure. (Don’t repeat that thought though; I can use the B-word cause I am a Dog and Family, but you People can’t because you aren’t.) I’ll tell you something weird. 3 days before Mama had the accident Streetgirl was walking down the street and she envisioned herself taking a trip, something she used to do often when she was homeless and running or biking in circles around the Jungle, but hasn’t for years.

Hasn’t had any forewarnings for a long time either, but this was clear as day and then it happened and since we know that things do come in 3’s there was more. That same week while standing on the Ramp she had a premonition that 1 of her kind was hit hard by a moving vehicle. Sure enough, just 2 blocks away at 3 am whilst we were sound asleep, a 50 year old panhandler who was wandering in the middle of the street was slammed by a transport truck and killed and the driver didn’t even realize it until the next day. (Of course, if you believe as I do, the Good Lord took her to Heaven and that’s the Gospel truth which isn’t so bad.) As to the 3rd vision, some things are best kept secret, but I’ll tell you it was a doozy!


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