Up or Down?

Years back Streetgirl found a horse-shoe on one of her walkabouts, can’t quite remember which spot, somewhere between here and there. It laid about for awhile and then I decided to hang it by the door. Inside of course. Before doing so, I googled which way was the right way, but found there wasn’t one.


Up or down, doesn’t matter, all depends on what you choose to believe. I put it left of the door out at arms length upwards with the heels pointing down; to hold the luck and good karma inside my small space and to ward off bad luck and negative vibes that may try to enter. It’s been there for at least a year likely more as time does roll by, and yesterday Streetgirl decided to reach up and touch it before heading out to panhandle. After ten minutes of no change drops at all some guy just handed her a $50 bill. Talk about good luck! So which way would you hang your horse-shoe if you had one?

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