A Dog’s Eye View – Freebie!

“What better way to pass the day than drinking a tall glass of whisky and beer on ice at Buddy K’s.”  (Most commonly called a Boilermaker/ Originated in Butte, Montana, in the 1890’s, then-called a “Sean O’Farrell” and drunk by copper miners after shift in the heyday of America’s first major industrial city. No ice cubes back then though!)

That’s what Mom said last Saturday evening, as we were winding down after a week of hanging out and watching over Granddaughter at our home while Big Sis is solo-backpacking in faraway Thailand. Fortunately all went well, which is not always the case when living in TCHC where anything can happen to spoil the mood at any given moment.

“Even better when it’s free,” Buddy quipped. Continue reading “A Dog’s Eye View – Freebie!”