A Dog’s Eye View – Boots for Walking!

boots for walking

“These boots are made for walking,” written  by Lee Hazlewood and recorded by Nancy Sinatra in 1966.

This might shock U, but early 80’s Mom was dancing for a living, upon an exotic pedestal under the stage name ‘La Belle Grand Miss Sylvia’. In Montreal! Prancing to that same song whilst wearing black heeled thigh high boots. Something to see I hear tell. Way before I was born and bought during the period where she was employed as a Senior Vendor Analyst negotiating million dollar contracts 16 years ago! (Not a 1 career woman.)

61 years old January 14th and sexiness is not her stlyle nowadays when she heads out. Comfort is and boots are still made for walking. The pair in the photo bit the dust weeks ago. They have sentimental value. Mom won’t discard them easily. Just over a year ago and only days before he died Joseph purchased them for her at Lawrence Square.  He’d received a big settlement and was spreading the wealth which consequently lead him towards a hasty departure. They stink like mold are soaked in salt and been wet for most of the winter. (Lucky for her People give Streetgirl plenty of  socks along the road cause if she wore the same ones day after day I imagine her feet would get a rotton fungus infection like that man on the TV commercial who is complete denial but his wife and kid and the Doctor stand to correct him.) 1 zipper is broken, the’ve split the seams, cracked on top too,  all of which is dangerous and why Mom taped them with black electrical tape. Not a fashion statement. Out of necessity and nostalgia! To keep on walking!

As for Me, I don’t wear booties,. Haven’t found a pair yet that fit my unique bone and paw structure.

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