Last Night’s Dream!

The rest of the dream has eluded me, so I begin at the end; pressed against the side of a horseshoe shaped snow covered cliff and dangling precariously.  Carefully, I turn my head to look upon a deep dark inlet below. It’s a long drop! If the crash didn’t kill me, the cold cove water would.  I sense by the feel of the curve of the slope under my body that I am near the top, but encased in a winter coat that could prove slippery and lead to my demise I must continue with caution.


Right boot pushed deep into the drift and tight in a crevice, whilst the other balanced above. Soft snow tumbling down with every small movement I make. Left palm flat against the precipice and reaching with the right to grabble whatever I can; touching the tips of what feels like an icy pine tree. Now, I lift my head to see an endless escarpment of evergreens mere inches away.  I know better than to grasp that bough and attempt to pull myself up to the safety of the crest of that forest, as the lower limbs would be brittle  and one break would send me off balance and swirling backwards way down into that abyss. With no foot accessible shoreline in sight, unless there is a boat at hand, I’d be without rescue and wouldn’t last long before death by drowning. I might be able to manage another step up and then get a hold of a stronger branch and heave to higher land if I take it slow and easy…

Water is a fluid force in many of my dreams. One night my dog and I battled currents and rough windy conditions to swim across a vast fast flowing river and drag ourselves up the muddy bank on the other side, which was exhausting and baffling considering that Keeba absolutely detests water; as I recall there was a lot of coaxing involved and quite the conquest covered in muck cradling my pet in arms at last.  If those were warm tropical waters in my dream last night, I wouldn’t have hesitated to jump, but instead I awoke at the apex and can only assume I made it over the top of that mountain ridge rather than the alternative ending!

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