Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! The last couple of years I haven’t taken Keeba to my daughter’s for Christmas. She’s stayed with a good friend, as I don’t drive and the GO Transit did not allow pets up until recently.


This year as she is getting up in age, 14 plus, and because the GO is now accessible for all pets, (not just the awesome service dogs and about time),we packed up and hit the road together. She had such fun and I was so grateful to have her beside me. At the station the custodian who has been keeping it clean inside Yorkdale Terminal for years, he recognized me from back in the day when Streetgirl and the crew would frequent the spot to change coins to bills, make phone calls, use the facilities, and to warm up in the frigid weather. He expressed happiness to see my dog alive and well and us still travelling as a pair. I am not sure how I will manage when my little faithful best friend passes away and it’s inevitable. In a few days I will be 60 years old. As my buddy Capone likes to say,”every day is a great day to be alive.” You do never know what will be, so count your blessings, be kind, give love and praise God if you will, cherish what you have and accept other’s for who they are in 2019.

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