New Year’s Wish

December 28, 2017: It’s almost New Year’s Eve and the long awaited holidays will be over, another year passed and 2018 to begin. It is my wish that our society step back a bit and people put down the cell-phones for a few hours a day, stop spending precious seconds taking selfies when a good photo is not always one where we all have the perfect smile; but a great picture has a setting and tells a story too, a laugh to be shared, a memory to hold onto. There are many less fortunate than I living here in Canada and worldwide suffering and tragedies occur by the second, so no matter how grave a matter is, I have come to realize that someone else has it worse. Let us look around more, at the company we keep, the person beside us, the family we have, with an open heart and mind and an ear to listen. Get to know one another face to face, talk about the past, present, and the future together with forgiveness, love, and patience. God Bless!

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